How to set up PlayUs

PlayUs GAA is a complete system to help your club and coaches organise challenge games, blitzes and tournaments and for this reason there needs to be one primary user per club, ideally your club secretary will take on this role although anyone can do so. The email address used for the primary user can not be used to set up a coaches account. It is really easy to get registered on our system, simply fill out the form on our homepage, comment that you want to register. We will then forward a registration form to the primary user.

The verification email will lead you through setting up your password and paying the €10 registration fee, you will then be able to access your club admin panel, in your search bar type in to access your admin panel.
This is where your club details will be kept and some of these details will be generated from the PlayUs database. It is important however to check that these are correct.

You will also notice there are five other email addresses linked to your account. Please note these are currently for PlayUs administration purposes only.
If the address is correct then the gps co ordinates should reflect this. But if you have any questions regarding this please email

How to set up teams Scroll down to the bottom of your admin panel.
Select the age and grade of the team you want to add
Choose the code, camogie, football, hurling or ladies football, finally enter the number of players in the panel (approximately).
By clicking on the plus sign you can add as many teams as you like, after you have inputted the information click on update.
Once you have your teams selected, its time to give access to your coaches, simply go to your dashboard which is the green box on the top left corner of your screen. You will notice that there are four icons here which cover your profile, games associated with your club, coaches and password.
Click on the coach icon, select add, enter the coaches email address and select the coaches team finally click on save. This will generate an automatic email to the coach allowing them to set up a password to access PlayUs.

Click below to watch a demo video of how to set up PlayUs for your club


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