Our story so far

Our story so far

 Play Us GAA is a mobile app that was piloted by our team in conjunction with the GAA games development department in 2017.

In its first year 1400 GAA coaches from U8 to Senior availed of Play Us to help organise games for their teams.

The feedback that we received was very positive and we are delighted to announce an improved version of our app will be launched in March with the full support of the GAA.

Some of the improvements are:

  • The club will become the primary user once registered. This will encourage more coaches to use Play Us GAA.
  • A new confirmation email system helping clubs to ensure their games are sanctioned.
  • Pick your location function, which enables the coach to organise challenge games throughout the country.
  • Game views and history functions.

About Us

Mission Statement – To make organising Challenge Games, Blitzes and Tournaments as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

The idea for Play Us GAA was born out of frustration at the time and energy wasted trying to organise games for teams. As the saying goes, “a match is worth 10 training sessions”. As coaches, we all know the truth of this saying. We also know that Challenge Games are vital for developing team cohesion and a style of play. However, the reality is Challenge Games, Blitzes and Tournaments are very difficult and time consuming to organise. Play Us GAA will take all that work and frustration off your hands, so that you can focus on what you do best – Coaching!

All you have to do is download Play Us GAA and register your team’s details.

Then – in 3 easy steps – you can organise as many games as you like with other teams that are using Play Us GAA.

1. Select your Game type (Challenge, Blitz or Tournament)
2. Decide whether you want to play at Home or Away and select the Date and Time you want to play.
3. Set the geographical Area Covered by the game invitation.

So, you see … organising Challenge Games, Blitzes and Tournaments can be as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Play Us GAA is going to change the way we organise games forever – we guarantee!

One user

We are getting a lot of enquiries lately about clubs downloading Play Us GAA and wondering if a club can be a user.

Currently the way the app works is that one download is for one team.

We may look at a club version for next season  if there is enough support for the idea.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

My Invites

My Invites
This function shows you the games you have created in Sent
In Received you can simply accept or Decline a game invite. It is up to the Creating Coach to finalise the Game, therefore just accepting a game does not mean that you have a fixture. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the fixture has been confirmed by the creating Coach. Forward this Email to your club secretary .



A Coach is a person who assists and challenges players to achieve their full potential.
The GAA Strategic Vision and Action Plan 2009-2015 identified the need to prioritise and support the development of players and coaches as key to the long-term success and health of Gaelic Games.
The coach plays a central role in the development of the GAA player. The challenge for the coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to empower the player to develop him/herself to reach their potential.
Quality Coaching – as part of an overall Games Development Plan – promotes fair play, builds social cohesion, self-esteem, and enhances health and well-being as well as supporting social and economic objectives.
Coaches should be committed to creating fun, safe playing environments for all of our players, regardless of age or ability level. To safeguard our players, coaches abide by the GAA Code of Conduct, have completed the GAA/ISC Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop and are vetted by An Garda Síochána/Access NI.
Becoming a Coach
The best way to become a Coach is to join our GAA Coach Education Programme (CEP). The GAA CEP is aligned to the Coaching Development Plan for Ireland and has been designed to develop Coaches of Gaelic games. Click here to find out more [hyperlink to Becoming a Coach page]
The Coach 10 /MVA Model
The GAA has developed a framework for effective coaching called the Coach 10/MVA Model. The model looks at the different factors that help create the formula for coaching success. More infoMore info.

How to Create a Game


Creating a Game

1.    Select your Game type

2.    Choose Home or Away

3.    Pick a Date and Time, there’s a chat feature if you need to change the time at a later stage.

4.    Area covered, eg. 45km will invite every team in your Code and age group within 45km.

5.    Click Send Invitations, It’s as easy as that.

Note. If you don’t get a reply   try changing the distance covered, also if a team registers after you have sent out your invitation they will not receive it


How to Register a Team

How to Register your Team
1. Click on the Play Us GAA icon on your phone and you will be directed to the login page.
2. Select New User? Sign Up
3. Pick a Code (Football, Hurling, Ladies Football or Camogie)
4. Search for your Club Name, if you can’t find your club click the ? in the top right of the page.
5. Choose your age grade, all juvenile teams are separate and Adult stay as one.
6. Select Grade, the top 6 grades are adult and the other 5 are juvenile.
7. The name you enter will be your username.
8. Enter your email ( your email is safe with us)
9. Create a password.
10. Click Submit and you are ready to use Play Us GAA.
Check your profile before you create any games as your profile cannot be changed, only your club details can be edited by Team Play Us. Email playusireland@gmail.com. If you have something else you want to edit, simply uninstall the App and start again.

Note. You will receive game invites based on your age group and you can then play against the grade you want.


“Play Us GAA has the potential to change the training-to-game imbalance by assisting players to do what they do best, play games”
Graham Canty – All Ireland Winning Captain

 “We are always looking for ways to use technology to support coaches. Playing games is key to developing your players and your team and Play Us GAA makes it easier to contact other teams and organize games outside of the competitive structure” Jimmy Darcy – Games Development Manager of the GAA.

“I see challenge games as the best method of improving and developing a team. Therefore,  I created Play Us GAA in order to ensure that coaches, like myself, could access meaningful challenge games more frequently.”  Mark o’ Donovan ,Creator of Play Us GAA