About Us

The idea for PlayUs GAA was born out of frustration at the time and energy wasted trying to organise games for teams. As the saying goes, “a match is worth 10 training sessions”. As Coaches, we all know the truth of this saying. We also know that Challenge Games are vital for developing team cohesion and a style of play. However, the reality is Challenge Games, Blitzes and Tournaments are very difficult and time consuming to organise. PlayUs GAA will take all that work and frustration off your hands, so that you can focus on what you do best – Coaching!

PlayUs GAA is a mobile app that was piloted by our team in conjunction with the GAA games development department in 2017. In its first year 1400 GAA coaches from U8 to Senior availed of PlayUs to help organise games for their teams. The feedback that we received was very positive and we are delighted to announce an improved version of our app will be launched in August with the full support of the GAA.

Some of the improvements are

  • One of the big changes with version 2 is that clubs will become the account holders and once registered access can be given to their club coaches.
  • A new confirmation email system assisting club secretaries to ensure their games are sanctioned.
  • Pick your location function, which enables the coach to organise challenge games throughout the country.
  • Game views and history functions.

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