How to Register a Team

How to Register your Team
1. Click on the Play Us GAA icon on your phone and you will be directed to the login page.
2. Select New User? Sign Up
3. Pick a Code (Football, Hurling, Ladies Football or Camogie)
4. Search for your Club Name, if you can’t find your club click the ? in the top right of the page.
5. Choose your age grade, all juvenile teams are separate and Adult stay as one.
6. Select Grade, the top 6 grades are adult and the other 5 are juvenile.
7. The name you enter will be your username.
8. Enter your email ( your email is safe with us)
9. Create a password.
10. Click Submit and you are ready to use Play Us GAA.
Check your profile before you create any games as your profile cannot be changed, only your club details can be edited by Team Play Us. Email If you have something else you want to edit, simply uninstall the App and start again.

Note. You will receive game invites based on your age group and you can then play against the grade you want.

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