FAQ List


Play Us GAA List of FAQ’s
Q. Where can I get the app?
A. Just search Play Us GAA in your mobile App or Play store.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Play Us GAA is Free to download and you get 1 game free,
Then for only 3.99 you can organise as many games as you want for a year.
Q. How many teams can I use the App for?
A. One download/ user account per Team.
Q. What if I need to change the time of the match, can I contact the other coach?
A. There is a chat feature between coaches available once a game has been agreed.
Q. What if I cannot find my club in the list?
A. Click on the ? in the top right hand corner of the club list page in the app, send us a quick message and we will do the rest.
Q. Is the app only for Adult teams.
A. Play Us GAA is available all the way from u6 – Adult

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