Graham Canty, PlayUs GAA App Team and former Cork All-Ireland Winning Senior Football captain, at the launch of the PlayUS GAA Mobile App in Croke Park. The app which has been designed to facilitate GAA clubs to arrange challenge matches, tournaments and blitzes. PlayUs GAA is available to all GAA, LGFA and Camogie clubs, catering for all age groups.
Club registration only €10 a year, this will be refunded if activated during the GAA Covid 19 shutdown.
Unlimited number of club coach’s get access to their own team account.

How our app works

•Choose challenge, blitz or tournament.
• Select home or away.
• Next choose your date and time.
• Confirm your location.
• Next set the range you wish your game invite to cover.

You will see how many clubs get your challenge or game invite. Wait for the notifications to come in, select the team/s that you want to play from the replies you receive, if you are looking for a skills challenge use our chat feature to agree the skill challenge. Once the creating coach selects the opposition, a confirmation email is automatically sent to all coach’s and clubs involved.

When agreed only you and your opposition know the agreed challenge or game details.

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